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27.12.2015 09:29, caroline from Toowoomba, Aus E-mail :
Mum's cousin flew with Sq 460 and died over Dortmund. Very sad events but very courageous and not appreciated enough. The highest death rate was the airforces

25.03.2014 13:32, Peter and Jo Forrester from Australia :
Thinking of Sid and the boys today, 25th march 2014 - it's Sid's birthday. He would have been 93 years young.

24.03.2014 00:04, Jessie Bowler from UK :
12. Jessie Bowler - 2009-09-04 20:01:47
We are remembering that, a year ago today, we joined with the EE138 relatives and friends, the Halkjaer family and the people of Stadil, and send you all our best wishes -

Jessie (formerly Thirkettle), Amanda and Mike

24.03.2014 00:04, alison rolfe from UK :
11. alison rolfe - 2009-06-27 03:23:04
I have just found out about the heroism of my great uncle and the other crew members. My father Eric Rolfe, my sister and I feel so proud and was greatly moved by the tributes. thank you so much.

24.03.2014 00:03, James & Liz Anderson from UK :
10. James Anderson - 2009-04-28 18:39:40
Hi S. Aussies,
Last week’s trip was very successful - and we reached Ringkobing and West Stadil Fjord en route to Billund.
That is such an improvement! The bronze plaques are impressive and complement the memorial stone erected by those wonderful Danes in 1950. Great the info re the loss has been ’straightened’ out - we share your satisfaction that the amateur history nonsense has been replaced with the documented facts of Ingemann Halkjaer and government records. And the care given by Mrs K.Halkjaer Poulsen is very evident.
It is a wonderfully quiet site, although we’re sorry we could not make the great gathering there on Sept.4.
Catch up in Adelaide this August!
James & Liz Anderson,
C.C., Ox.

24.03.2014 00:03, Anne Storm from UK :
9. Anne Storm - 2009-03-17 22:23:56
The website is filling out well & it’s a very informative site.
Anne Storm

24.03.2014 00:02, John Keelan from Australia :
8. John Keelan - 2009-03-04 07:16:46
Again, i find myself drawn to this ever incredible unfolding story of these brave and heroic men. The courage and sacrifice shown during those terrible years of WW2 by many Australians,along with many other nationalities is indeed testiment to the human spirit. Again, i sincerely thankyou for allowing this story to be brought to the world in such depth and detail. Whilst i read over the many pages, thoughts of my own father who served in the RAAF surface and it is inspiring to know that he served alongside many great men and woman for the freedom of the world and Australia...Lest We Forget
John Keelan

24.03.2014 00:01, Kelvin Youngs from - Homepage :
7. Kelvin Youngs - 2009-02-26 01:50:34

What a fine web site and what great work you are all doing.
We are appealing for relatives of WW2 Aircrew to send us information on a relative / friend in order for a page of honour be made to them - please contact us via the website.
Once again, great effort and please continue with your work.

23.03.2014 23:59, Carol Ryan from Australia :
6. Carol Ryan - 2009-02-08 13:33:51
As daughter of Geoff Oakeshott, I was very pleased to see all the effort that was put into this site, very well down, Dad would have been thrilled with all your efforts.

23.03.2014 23:58, Dean & Sandy Oakeshott from Australia :
5. Dean & Sandy Oakeshott - 2009-02-04 17:53:07
Very proud to be associated with this project. Well done Peter and all those who worked on this web site and the effort to have the memorial take place that includes all the wonderful people of Denmark. I can guarantee that if Geoff was still alive he would have been proud to assist in your efforts to have EE138 remembered forever, he is no doubt looking down saying thank you also.

23.03.2014 23:58, Doug Thwaites from Australia :
4. Doug Thwaites - 2009-01-27 11:29:04

I was introduced to this page by Donald Stewart. a wonderful site, commemoration, etc. a fine job. well done to everyone concerned!

23.03.2014 23:52, John Keelan :
John Keelan - 2008-12-02 06:22:51
To Peter and Jo,
What a fantastic and incredibly moving tribute to these brave airman that you both have brought to the attention of the world. It is stories like these that have shaped and moulded the character of this great nation. The memory of these men will live on forever now as the memorial site that you have created along with all the other volunteers, is testament to their courage, mateship, endurance and sacrifice.
John K

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Entries: 12
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